Netizen 24 NGA: Watch: Eight arrested in extremist ultra-Orthodox riots over enlistment

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Watch: Eight arrested in extremist ultra-Orthodox riots over enlistment

Eight ultra-Orthodox rioters have been arrested so far during violent protests in Jerusalem on Sunday over the arrest and detention of the son of the grand rabbi of the Toldot Avraham Yitzhak hassidic community who failed to apply for an IDF exemption.
Several hundred ultra-Orthodox protestors from the extremist communities in the capital took to the streets and blocked several junctions in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, including on Sarei Yisrael, Shmagar and Yirmiyahu streets.
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Some of the protestors lay down in front of the traffic, others threw stones at the police and shouted various insults at them, including calling male security personnel “Nazis” and female personnel “shiksas,” Yiddish for non-Jewish woman.
The latest riot is the latest in a long series of such protests against ultra-Orthodox en listment to the IDF in general, and in particular against the arrest of young ultra-Orthodox men from extremist factions for failing to perform the necessary bureaucratic procedures to get their military service exemptions.
Videos on Twitter also emerged of violence by police personnel towards protestors, in one case of a Border Policeman seemingly unprovoked shoving a ultra-Orthodox demonstrator to the ground.
All full-time yeshiva students, the overwhelming majority of whom are ultra-Orthodox, are entitled to military service exemptions from the IDF, and the large majority report to the IDF enlistment offices when called up in order to obtain their exemption. Scenes from an ultra-Orthodox protest in Jerusalem, September 17, 2017 (Credit: Yisroel Cohen)
A political breakaway group coupled with other extremist factions have in recent years refused to even perform the required bureaucratic process to get the exemptions, and are automatically classed as deserters.
In numerous occasions such men have been detained by the police for other misdemeanors, frequently in protests against ultra-Orthodox enlistment, and subsequently handed over to the military police and detained in military jail.
Most recently, the son of the grand rabbi of one of these extremist groups, the hassidic Toldos Avraham Yitzhak sect, was detained which led to Sunday’s riots.
Source: Google News

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