Netizen 24 NGA: Catalans have been betrayed by the separatist zealots

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Catalans have been betrayed by the separatist zealots

Almost 40 years ago Spain embraced democracy after a long dictatorship. Since then we have become an open country with a decentralised government in which autonomous communities enjoy the greatest degree of self-government in Europe. But all that is now at risk because of the irresponsibility of Carles Puigdemont and his separatist government in Catalonia.

By riding roughshod over those, like me, who reject his separatist agenda, Mr Puigdemont betrays true democracy. His brand of nationalism and populism is based on contempt for anyone who disagrees and the false idea that there are simple, magical solutions to complex national problems.

This ideology, which has caused so much damage elsewhere in Europe, has also made Catalonia â€" one of the most important economic regions in Spain â€" lose…

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