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Zambia Is Bigger Than Any Political Party â€" Nakachinda

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda says it is incumbent up on the PF to a lead the way in fostering dialogue towards the safe gaurding of peace and unity in the country but that politicians from other political parties should also “behave themselves” because the country is bigger than any political party.

Speaking when he featured on Diamond TV’s Night Live talk show, Nakacinda said politicians should behave themselves and ensure that they put the country above their narrow partisan interests.

He advised those in ruling party to act like parents in fostering dialogue to unity the country.

“Let the UPND behave themselves they are not bigger than Zambia. Let the Patriotic Front behave themselves because some of the pronouncements which were coming from some of those i n government are unfortunate and some of them are Ministers just to dramatize this all arrangement.

“We expect those who are government to lead the way in terms of wanting to foster dialogue. You cannot have those who are in government to be the ones protesting, they are the parents. It is permissible for those who are in opposition to be childish about issues and whatever but for those in government must be on top of things,” he said.

And on Corruption the MMD CEO noted that political rhetoric on the issue has outweighed the efforts to fight the scourge.

He noted that there has not been practical demonstrations to fight corruption citing the continued increase in the cases of misappropriation of government funds as a good example where those in government needs to show political will to fight corruption

“There hasn’t been practical demonstration from government to fight corruption. There have been loud mouths condemning and the rhetoric from gove rnment to say we are anti corrupt activities but the ugly head of corruption keeps imaging, just look at the auditor generals report for 2016 and look at the level of misapplication and appropriation of funds.

“We have witnessed in other jurisdictions Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana they have put mechanisms to ensure that those liable for misappropriation or indeed misapplying funds account for that. In Zambia the system is that before the auditor generals report is presented to parliament it is first of all presented to the President or the Presidency and it has to be accented to be scrutinised at parliament, it is expected that the President obviously will go through it and these Gray areas and very saddening development or exposures in the report should be able to move the President to take some kind of action around some of these revelations and we can’t have a situation were people always excuse themselves, there is no body held responsible.

“In Tanzania and Ugan da if it were found that there is misappropriation of funds in a particular Ministry the ones that are held responsible first are the heads of that Ministry starting from the Minister going down because it is expected that the minister who is in charge of the Ministry the controlling officers and everybody are really paying attention to the details of how resources are being utilized,” he said.

On the 2021 elections Mr Nakacinda said his party would not engage into the destructive topic of the 2021 elections because they had so much to do as regards reorganizing the once mighty MMD.

He added that the issue of whether they will field a candidate would only be answered by the membership as his party will be going to a convention before the elections as per their constitution which demands that a convention is held every after five years.

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