Netizen 24 NGA: Shin Bet arrests Israeli for planning ISIS attacks

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Shin Bet arrests Israeli for planning ISIS attacks

Israel's Security Agency, the Shin Bet, revealed on Sunday that it arrested an Israeli citizen on suspicion of supporting ISIS and planning to carry out an attack for the jihadist group.
An indictment was filed in the Central District Prosecutor's Office on Sunday against Hassan Taher Shir Yusuf, a resident of the Arab-Israeli city of Taibeh.

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According to the agency, Yusuf started becoming more religious between the years of 2014-2015 and examined possibilities of joining the Islamic State group in Syria.
The findings of the investigation also revealed that Yousef had watched videos showing how to prepare explosives and had even tried to find someone to purchase an M16 for him.
Over the past summer, in parallel to protests which broke out on the Temple Mount over the placement of metal detect ors, Yousef tried to persuade others to join him in carrying out attacks against Israelis, including a shooting attack in Jerusalem, a car bomb attack in front of the police station in Taibeh and a stabbing attack.
According to the Shin Bet, everyone whom he approached to carry out the attacks refused, and since Yousuf was afraid to carry out an attack alone, none were ever executed.
"The investigation shows that the fact that people in his immediate surroundings distanced/dissociated themselves from his actions played an important role in disrupting his plans to carry out terrorist activity,” the Shin Bet said.
“The Israel Security Agency views Israelis who support ISIS as a serious security threat,” read a statement by the security agency, adding that it would "continue to closely monitor suspects and take the necessary enforcement measures in order to prevent the dissemination of the organization's doctrine in Israel, as well as the departure of I sraelis to fight with the group.”
ISIS was declared an illegal organization in 2014 by then defense minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon, and Israel has so far largely avoided an attack by the group, though several Arab Israelis have been arrested on suspicion of links with ISIS and plans to carry out attacks inspired by the Sunni extremist group.
Last week, the Shin Bet announced that it had arrested two female Beduin citizens who planned to carry out a deadly terror attack inside Israel during New Year's celebrations and join the group’s affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula.
In October 2015, authorities broke up the first known case of an ISIS plot in Israel and indicted seven Israeli Arabs on charges of belonging to an ISIS cell and planning to attack military targets.
The first deadly attack believed to have been inspired by the jihadist group was in January 2016 when an Israeli Arab went on a shooting spree in Tel Aviv, killing three people. Six months lat er, two Palestinians shot dead four Israelis at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market.
According to the Shin Bet, some 60 Israeli citizens have traveled to Syria or neighboring Iraq to fight with rebel groups, including ISIS. Several are reported to have been killed, and fewer than 10 are estimated to have returned to Israel, either by their own accord or after being caught by Turkish authorities while trying to cross the border and deported back to Israel.
In August, the Interior Ministry began the process of revoking the citizenship of 19 Israelis who went to fight for ISIS after a law proposed by Interior Minister Arye Deri went into effect, allowing him to strip Israelis of their citizenship if they are members of foreign terror organizations.
The Shin Bet is reported to have provided the Ministry of Interior a list of 20 Israelis who had joined the jihadist group, including one who who died fighting for the group as the list was being compiled.
Source: Google News

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