Netizen 24 NGA: Hamilton mayor drops plan for name change

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Hamilton mayor drops plan for name change

Hamilton mayor Andrew King has dropped his plan to get the city council to look at the idea of changing the name of the council from Hamilton to Kirikiriroa.

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Mr King had signalled to the council he wanted it to change the name to Kirikiriroa City Council to reflect the city's cultural heritage.

He said one way to do this would be to change the council's name.

At a council meeting this morning Mr King said the idea had become a distraction from other important issues and it was not the right time to discuss it.

Mr King said he had intended for the idea to just be a starting point for discussion but ensuring public reaction and media commentary had gone far beyond just looking at an idea.

"There are strong and contrasting views and the community moved int o debate before the council had even got to talk about it."

He said the council is due soon to discuss its draft 10-year plan with residents and reaction to the name change is an unfortunate distraction.

"It's clear to me that my colleagues feel further discussion on this will divert attention from the 10-year plan and the important discussions we must have as a community."

"I recognise that view."

"This is not the right time to be continuing with this item or be considering it", he said.

"This council's attention needs to be on delivering our plan and getting our finances sorted."

Mr King then withdrew the recommendation.

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