The 77 Percent: Witchcraft in Nigeria

Posted by On 5:55 PM

The 77 Percent: Witchcraft in Nigeria

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The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent: Witchcraft in Nigeria

Nigerians are said to be among the most religious people in the world â€" most of them are either Muslims or Christians. But despite being a religious country a large proportion of the people believe in witchcraft. With a population of 182 million, half of them being young people, the trend still continues. Our reporter in the Niger Delta region Nigeria, Muhammad Bello, with more

Listen to audio 04:20 Now l ive 04:20 mins.
  • Date 18.09.2018
  • Duration 04:20 mins.
  • Author Bello,Muhammad
  • All audios The 77 Percent Audios
  • Related Subjects Nigeria
  • Keywords Africa, Nigeria, Youth, witchcraft, culture
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Source: Google Nigeria | Netizen 24 Nigeria

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